• But wait! That’s not all! More Azure Awesomeness!

    by  • June 3, 2013 • USCloud, Windows Azure

    And the updates and news about Windows Azure keeps rolling in today. We are making tons of announcements at TechEd this week. Here are some more:

    You should read part one of these announcements.

    1. MSDN licenses are now officially allowed to be used in Windows Azure environments (for dev/test).

    2. MSDN subscribers get big discounts on Azure costs. A subscriber can spin up any number of Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, and BizTalk Server VMs for Dev/Test scenarios using Windows Azure and pay only 6 cents/hr when running them.


    3. The Azure management portal will now tell you how many MSDN credits you have left for the month, and when it resets.


    4. Web Sites now has SSL support. During the preview, Windows Azure Web Sites could do SSL, but it had to be with a Microsoft certificate, and not your own. This was just a small technical limitation of the preview. We have now released features that will let you use your own SSL certificate. With today’s release we now support the ability to setup both IP Address Based SSL Bindings as well as SNI Based SSL Bindings

    5. Updates to Windows Azure Active Directory. Namely, we now have a sync tool that will sync from your on-premises directory, to the one in the cloud. Yeah! It works all the way back to Windows Server 2003, so some great backwards compatibility there.

    6. Free Trials are now easier! Until now, the free trial was like the MSDN benefits. You received a certain amount of access to each service. That was both complicated, and hard to understand. Now, each trial receives $200 per month of service credit! Yes, $200!

    This credit can be applied to any service, how you would like. No more quotas per service. Like the MSDN update above, trial users will now be able to easily see what their remaining credits are, how long they will last, and how they have used them.

    Totally go sign up for a free trial now, at http://aka.ms/AzureForFree.

    7. We announced the preview of BizTalk Services. These services will focus on EAI and B2B scenarios, just like BizTalk Server (which remains close to my heart after all these years). These services will connect to your on-premises infrastructure, and integrate with on-premises BizTalk Server as well. Click here to learn more about how to setup and starting using the Windows Azure BizTalk Services preview today.


    Brian H. Prince is the Chief Technical Cloud Evangelist for Microsoft, based in the US. He gets super excited whenever he talks about technology, especially cloud computing, patterns, and practices. His job is to help customers strategically leverage technology, and help them bring their architecture to a super level. In a past life Brian was a part of super startups, super marketing firms, and super consulting firms. Much of his super architecture background includes building super scalable applications, application integration, and award winning web applications. All of them were super. Further, he is a co-founder of the non-profit organization CodeMash (www.codemash.org). He speaks at various international technology conferences. He only wishes his job didn’t require him to say ‘super’ so much. Brian is the co-author of “Azure in Action”, published by Manning Press. Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Physics from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio. He is also a zealous gamer. For example, he is a huge fan of Fallout 3, Portal, and pretty much every other game he plays.